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Check out these 20 spooky trees gobbling up random stuff

Ever considered trees to be as spine-chilling as those in fairy tales? Picture the grumpy apple trees from The Wizard of Oz or The Tree of the Dead from Sleepy Hollow. Surprisingly, reality mirrors fiction with its own array of eerie trees. People worldwide stumble upon these unsettling specimens, capturing them in photos to share with others. These peculiar trees stand as a testament to nature’s ability to both captivate and unsettle.

Our collection showcases trees that seem to have an insatiable appetite, appearing as if they’re consuming various objects. Prepare to be both amazed and slightly unnerved as you scroll through these images. From mundane to bizarre, these trees evoke reactions ranging from awe to a simple “well, that sucks.” If you’re intrigued by such phenomena, don’t miss our previous article delving into nature’s mind-bending wonders. Have you encountered any of nature’s surprises yourself? Share your experiences in the comments below!

#1 The tree grew around this sign, just leaving the word “Help” visible.

Source: HysminaiUchiha

#2 Massive strangler fig.

Source: JoeSchmogan1

#3 There’s no proper response.

Source: Ri-RiY

#4 Arms in the air and smiling.

Source: idle_isomorph

#5 Trees can’t read.

Source: Iinventedhamburgers

#6 During an engagement session, we came upon this vehicle in a tree!

Source: folly136

#7 After 10 months this tree has almost eaten a key.

Source: HenroKappa

#8 Sharing is caring!

Source: Grissa

#9 The ‘Hungry Tree’, slowly consuming a park bench in Dublin, Ireland.

Source: The Fabulous Weird Trotters

#10 Old John Deere parked for the last time.

Source: PvtJepperson

#11 This tree grew around a stone sculpture of a face, making it look as though there is a green man trapped within.

Source: Perfectony

#12 I am a mailman, I deliver this box every day.

Source: dem930

#13 You would squint too if you had to eat up a traffic sign.

Source: phaelox

#14 Nom nom nom.

Source: jurassicdad914

#15 Sucking on the Buddha.

Source: tannhauser85

#16 Let it sink in.

Source: not-sorry-

#17 This sculpture of Jesus in an abandoned cemetery in Poland gets slowly consumed by a tree.

Source: DonPecz

#18 Trees sucking on a swing in New Jersey.

Source: pygmymarmoset981

#19 The way this tree is taking the paint off this sign is just to coat itself with paint.

Source: toka_smoka

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